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postcard-klingweb.jpgKlinginfo.com    Established in 2008 by the Kling Family 
Thanks for your interest in documenting Kling Furniture

Our Mission at Klinginfo.com is to preserve the historical record and legacy of Kling Furniture. We collect, archive and distribute information about Kling Furniture to educate owners and assist vintage furniture collectors and dealersSee About Klinginfo.com.

We Provide Through this Website:

FREE basic information about Kling Furniture in Kling Furniture Age and Value and Free information about the firm Kling Factories in Chautauqua County, NY in Kling Factories History

We Sell Instant E documents-Detailed packets of information and copies of documents about specific suites of Kling Furniture ($7.70) as well as our KlingFinder series ($4.50) to help inform vintage furniture dealers and others about how to find high quality Kling vintage furniture.  See Research Option Details Here

$12 Personal Express Consultation Service. Since Kling produced hundreds of different suite numbers in many styles over the 80 year run of the Kling furniture brand, many customers choose this fast and convenient service. A Kling family member will contact you and ask for basic information about your furniture including the drawer tag style and backstamp number; basic pictures may also be required.  The initial contact is normally made within 24 hours and the research is almost always completed within 72 hours from your purchase, often quicker. You will receive in PDF format via email documents (pricelists, sales literature, etc.) and a documentation letter verifying age, wood type, style, etc. A general range of value is normally discussed, and customers are able to ask follow-up questions. If there is insufficient documentation for your furniture we will refund your $12. After purchase confirmation, click on  "Return to Merchant Site" and you will be routed to a page with instructions about what type of information is needed and how to submit it via email. If you have questions you can email James.Kling@yahoo.com.   

$12 Personalized Express Research Service (24-72 hours) Buy with button below. 


Information about Kling Furniture Replacement Pulls Click Here.   Some Inventory Replenished May 28,  2024

Pull Hardware in stock: $9  to $24 plus S&H   Buy Replacement Hardware on this Website. 

 See Our Vintage Tips section for questions about how to clean, refinish, and get the most value out of your high quality vintage Kling Furniture.





Why Buy Research?

Family Heirlooms: Kling Furniture is high quality and will last for hundreds of years if properly cared for. Many existing Kling pieces will be official 100-year old antiques in just thirty or forty more years. Imagine how the emotional and financial value of this furniture can be enhanced with proper identification and documents.

Selling: From a buyer’s perspective, uncertainty will lower the price. With Klinginfo.com research and documents your buyer will be confident about the quality, authenticity, age and wood type of the Kling furniture they are buying. $10 worth of documentation can add hundreds to a set of furniture at an estate sale.

Buying: Looking at Kling furniture on eBay or in a vintage furniture store? How old is it? Are you confident about the wood type? If you know the item number stamped on the furniture back or can provide a photo and brief description via email, we can verify the age and wood type for just $12


Current Picture and Vintage Tip:

Kling Maple High-Boy circa 1940.  While most Kling Walnut and Mahogany pre-WWII pieces have easy
to identify Kling drawer markers, very few pre-war maple pieces have the marker and thus are often not
identified as Kling.  A shipping tag or a three digit stamped number on the back can match our archival records.
This High-Boy has on the back a black ink stamp: "Varnish 408."  Although originally designed for a high end 
bedroom, high-boys make great accents to a living room or large entrance way. Expect a high-boy like the
one below to sell for $500 to $1000 depending on condition and sales venue. 




















About Klinginfo.com. 

Klinginfo.com is operated by the descendants of John Alexander Kling and his son Arvid John Kling. John Kling founded Kling Factories in 1911 and Arvid Kling was President between 1934 and 1955. Klinginfo.com owns thousands of documents and images related to the Kling Factories. Klinginfo.com was established in 2008. See Customer Testimonials.

 We continue to research and collect information for a better understanding of the wide variety of furniture produced by Kling Factories, which includes hundreds of different styles and “suites” over the years. We actively seek any documents or first-hand information that may assist us to build a more complete understanding of the company and its products

 This is a part-time family business. Our customer services are not affiliated with or subsidized by any corporation. We seek to answer all inquires to James.Kling@yahoo.com but for fastest service we recommend the instant products or the 24-48 hour Personalized Express Research Service. Specific date verification and discussion of value are discussed with paying customers only.    



Copyright information Klinginfo.com images
The images of furniture used on the Klinginfo.com webpage and Klinginfo.com publications are either owned by Klinginfo.com or are being used with the expressed written permission of Ethan Allen Global, Inc., which owns the Kling brand name. Print reproduction or website re-posting of Kling Furniture images found in Klinginfo.com publications or the Klinginfo.com website is allowed only with expressed written permission from Klinginfo.com.

Refunds and Disclaimers
If for any reason we cannot provide the research services you have purchased, we will provide a refund. Even for the instant PDF products, a personal follow-up with a Kling family member is included and we will work with you to be sure you are getting useful information about your furniture. We refund some or all of the $12 Express Service if we do not have information or if the documentation we have is of minimal value. 

Klinginfo.com research letters, documentation, verification statements, publications, and value statements are based on the best available information we have at the time the research is conducted. If we do not have a high level of confidence about the age or other information about a suite style we are evaluating, we will state such. When information is available, we make every effort to ensure that the information we provide you is accurate. However, the nature of evaluating vintage furniture using historical documents is imperfect. Therefore, Klinginfo.com cannot be responsible for any potential loss of value to our customers or web site viewers if the age or type of furniture is inaccurately estimated. If for any reason we cannot provide the research services you have purchased, we will provide a refund.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is very important to us. We are a family business and genuinely respect you and your personal information. Klinginfo.com will not sell or share your name, email, physical address or other personal information with any other business, organization, or person. 

Klinginfo.com does not maintain any financial or payment information about our customers. All financial transactions are handled in a secure manner by our host merchant BigCommerce.com and Paypal.

Klinginfo.com will use your email and address for two purposes only—to complete a transaction you initiate—and to inform you of significant new products or services offered by Klinginfo.com itself (this will be rare).

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Contact: Jim Kling at James.Kling@Yahoo.com